FRANCE VS. THE WORLD….Francophobe Jonah Goldberg writes in the Corner today:

I have no problem with the assertion that the French are “boldly” acting on their self-interests. Indeed, I have no problem with self-interestedness in general. But I am appalled at those who look to the French including, of course, the French themselves, as a moral authority or arbiter of America’s foreign policy. America has done more for human rights, more to relieve man’s estate, and much more to preserve and foster liberty and prosperity in the world than the French ever dreamed. France can claim to be or aspire to be a check on America in the world. Bully for them. But that makes them a problem in my book. They’re not enemies and they’re not evil. But they’re not part of the solution either.

All right, I’ll buy that. It’s a start.

Thrashing the French for hypocrisy, or because you disagree with their substantive position, is fine. But, as Goldberg says, always keep in mind that “They’re not enemies and they’re not evil.”

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