LIBERAL SHMIBERAL….Suppose the American media were absolutely neutral, favoring neither left nor right. Every single article and every single op-ed split the difference perfectly. What would happen?

Well, liberals would think the media was conservative and conservatives would think it was liberal. And, um….that’s actually about what happens in the real world, isn’t it? Does that mean ? nah, couldn’t be. A neutral media? Too boring.

But I suppose I’ll find out. I just went out and bought Eric Alterman’s new book, What Liberal Media?, which Atrios says I don’t even need to read now that I have it in the house. Apparently, buying it is actually just a (rather inefficient) way of contributing some money to Eric Alterman while also promoting the cause of liberal books ? possibly to soften up the market for a future book by Atrios himself? Maybe….

But I’ll read it anyway and report back when I’m done. No point in wasting 25 bucks, after all.

(And a note to Eric: I dropped by my local Barnes & Noble to find a copy ? you know, big chain, carries every book in the galaxy? They didn’t have it. So I drove over to the big Barnes & Noble, and after 10 minutes of searching the clerk finally found a copy, one of three in the store. So not only is your promo tour going badly, but your publisher doesn’t even seem able to get the book stocked. This doesn’t bode well. Maybe you should shave your legs and start wearing miniskirts?)

(Oh, and another note: how come Glenn Reynolds gets an advance copy but not Atrios? What’s up with that?)

(And one more: could I really have gotten a free review copy just because I’m an important blogger? Would that be cool or what?)

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