LANGUAGE POLICE….National Review Online has apparently decided to act more like a liberal publication and sponsor occasional “debates” on some of the most common liberal-conservative tropes. This week it’s Alterman and Bozell squaring off on whether the media is liberal.

No, sorry, that’s whether the media are liberal. I think NRO is bucking for this year’s New Yorker award for quaint adherence to outdated usage of the English language. Buckley’s influence must still run deep.

(By the way, Alterman, I think wisely, takes a light attitude toward the debate:

I will admit I don’t have great hopes for convincing NRO readers to see the error of their ways. After all, this is only 500 words. You people are too smart to change your minds about a bedrock belief over just 500 words.

Bozell doesn’t take the bait, responding with a typically tendentious argument. Despite this, Alterman comes back for more and once again tries humor in today’s installment, but to no avail. Bozell just isn’t biting.

But you shouldn’t waste your time with the debate anyway. Just go buy the book already.)

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