ET TU, COLIN?….Mark Kleiman notes that we now know Colin Powell was, um, stretching the truth when he claimed that Osama bin Laden said he was “in partnership with Iraq” in his taped message. His comment:

A note to the warhawks: This sort of stuff makes it really, really hard for those of us who are trying our best to support your cause but who don’t like being bullshat.

That’s a very pithy way of putting it. And I’d like to say that, quite aside from endorsing Mark’s enchanting use of the past tense here, I completely agree with his post. Like him, I’m also having a very hard time staying on board given the Bush administration’s escalating (!) fondness for (a) lying and (b) striving with almost lunatic intensity to destroy every international alliance we have.

As Mark said, it’s getting really, really, hard.

UPDATE: On a similar note, Josh Marshall has a very good post up today that says this about Bush’s attempts at working with the rest of the world:

It’s always someone else’s fault. The South Koreans are lame. The Europeans are lame. Our Arab allies are lame. Everybody is lame. We’re given excuse after excuse. But at the end of the day the result seems to be our historic alliances, if not in shambles, then at least thoroughly beat-up.