THE RIGHT WING….Patrick Ruffini thinks there ought to be a conservative version of The West Wing and has posted a bunch of episode summaries at his site. It’s pretty amusing, but this episode caught my eye:

1.05. No Private Company. [President] Prescott travels to Chicago for a HUD event and is confronted by angry public housing residents. Despite the protestations of the local Congressman, the President asks to be shown the rat-infested areas residents are complaining about. He later yells at his Chief of Staff, ?No private company could ever get away with this!? and, in his best muckraking pen, drafts a speech calling for the privatization of HUD.

Huh? No private individual would ever run a rat-infested slum? You, uh, don’t get out much, do you Patrick?

But I admit that this one is pretty funny, in an inside-bloggerish kind of way:

1.13. Blood on His Hands. The President confronts Robert Fisk at a reception for foreign journalists.

Newly engaged as you are, though, you are planning to hold on to your day job, aren’t you….?