DAREDEVIL….I saw Daredevil this evening, and it turned out to be fairly decent. It gets a B+ grade ? assuming, of course, that this kind of thing appeals to you in the first place.

Comic book movies are pretty hit-and-miss affairs, so most of the time you go in with no idea at all of whether it will be terrific or pure dreck. In addition, this one had an added level of mystery for me: as a long-time (but mostly former) comic book guy, I usually go into these shows curious about how the movie folks will treat the sacred comic book canon. But I’ve never read the Daredevil comic book and know almost nothing about him, so it was pretty much just a pure movie to me. I have no idea how faithful it was to the original source material.

Anyway, it was one of the better ones. Maybe not as good as the first Batman movie, but in the same league. Worth a look if you like this kind of thing.