LIBERAL TALK RADIO….A group of wealthy Democratic donors wants to create a slate of liberal talk radio shows that would be syndicated across the country and compete with Rush Limbaugh. Hesiod doesn’t like the idea:

I like Al Franken as much as the next guy. But he belongs on TV.

And, I’d prefer it if they spent their money supporting alternative NEWS sources. Not talk radio.


I couldn’t disagree more. The media may not be as liberal as conservatives like to paint it, but, truly, getting access to basic news is not a big problem. Rather, the problem is popularizing our ideas. As radio executive Kraig Kitchin said:

Though Mr. Kitchin said he was a conservative, he also said he would have pursued liberal programs had he thought there was money in them. He ascribes to the popular view in the industry that liberal hosts present issues in too much complexity to be very entertaining ? while addressing a diffuse audience that has varying views.

Simplifying things doesn’t necessarily mean adopting the belligerent demagoguery of Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and the rest of the conservative mafia, but it does mean, well, simplifying. If humor can help get our points across, and if guys like Al Franken can help us do it, I’m all in favor of giving it a try.

UPDATE: Rush Limbaugh’s reaction: “I didn’t know there was such a thing as rich Democrats.”

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