ANTI-AMERICANISM….I’ve been a strong proponent of the view that anti-Americanism in Europe is not as pronounced as American conservatives make it out to be, so in the spirit of not ignoring evidence I don’t like, here’s a passage from the Los Angeles Times today:

In the days just after Sept. 11, 80% of the callers to one of France’s top call-in radio shows declared that the attacks “were well done, it served the Americans right,” said Christophe Hondelatte, the host of the show on the RTL network. Hondelatte said he decided not to broadcast the calls because he thought they were offensive and inappropriate.

I don’t know anything about Hondelatte or the show he hosts, and there’s no way of knowing for sure if he’s characterizing his callers correctly, but even so this is pretty depressing news.

UPDATE: More here.

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