BUSH VS. GREENSPAN….Irwin Stelzer has an interesting article in the Weekly Standard today about Bush, Greenspan, and free trade:

Greenspan’s position infuriates the supply-siders on the Bush team. To them, the deficit is more than a mere tabulation of revenues and outlays–it is a stick with which to beat free-spending Democrats.

….The White House team is saying that the Fed chairman has lost sight of the broader thrust of the president’s tax proposals….They say that these are the first steps on what will be a long road. As the Financial Times perceptively notes, “Little by little, [the administration] has headed towards the distant dream of some Republicans: a tax system based on consumption.”

And on a related note, is it just my imagination or is the Standard really a more interesting, more unpredictable, and basically more honest conservative magazine than National Review? It seems that way to me.