FRANCE….After I wrote yesterday’s post about getting rid of all my Franco-Germanic possessions, I got a couple of emails from people assuming I was serious. I quickly added a note making it clear that I was joking.

Now, I take full blame for not being Neal Pollack-ish enough to pull off this kind of satire, but it’s disturbing that we live in an environment where it’s reasonable to think I might actually do something like this. As one of my readers put it, “At least one good thing has come of this: I am largely cured of my Europhobia. The anti-European screeds have so deeply offended my sense of fairness and good taste I doubt I’ll ever lapse.”

I agree. I think there’s a lot to criticize in French foreign policy, but instead we get shrill outbursts like this from InstaPundit:

Yes, the French military defeat [in WWII] was — like so many of the disasters of the 20th Century — not the fault of circumstances so much as it was the result of the arrogant ineptitude and shortsightedness of French leaders.

So now the French are responsible for “many of the disasters of the 20th century” too? Before long Glenn is going to start blaming them for flouridating our water supply. How can anyone take this kind of stuff seriously?

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