TIME TO TALK, GEORGE….Australia, which has been nearly as strongly in our corner as Britain when it comes to Iraq, says we need to start talking to North Korea:

[Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander] Downer told Channel Nine: “I think we have to face the reality ? whether the Americans like it or not ? that there has to be bilateral negotiation. This is a crisis which has really been alight since October of last year….

Is there anyone left in the entire world who doesn’t think we should be talking to North Korea? Three weeks ago even Richard Armitage admitted that direct talks were inevitable, but for some reason George “Weeks Not Months” Bush doesn’t think there’s any rush.

Sometimes he seems like a kid who insists on doing the opposite of what everyone wants him to do just because….everyone wants him to do it. That may be a decent strategy for a 3-year-old trying to outwit his mother, but in the president of the United States it’s just scary.

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