NAME CALLING….I was curious about, um, pro-war memes, so I just checked and found that in the past four weeks InstaPundit has posted 14 times about “Old Europe” and 15 times about the “Axis of Weasels” ? eight of the posts specifically about how cool it is that the phrase is spreading.

Sheesh. When these warhawks find a childish piece of invective that tickles their fancy, they just can’t let go, can they? Kinda reminds me of a pack of five year olds.

And by the way, Glenn, can you make up your mind whether it’s “Axis of Weasels” or “Axis or Weasel”? It would make it a lot easier to search your site. Thanks.

UPDATE: Oops, make that 15 for “Old Europe.” It’s hard to keep up.

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