TURNING FRIENDS INTO ENEMIES….This story in the Washington Post probably should have gotten more attention:

The United States wants to partition Iraq, he argues in slow, deliberate tones, and covets the world’s second-largest oil reserves. An invasion, he says, serves only Israel and a clique within the Bush administration “whose ignorance is matched only by their greed.” A preemptive war, whose very premise he believes defies international law, signals the rebirth of colonialism and imperialism that seemed finished generations ago.

“I feel we have been deceived about the nature and character of the United States of America,” he said.

Remarkably, these are the words of a friend….

The gist of the piece is that moderate Arabs who have supported the United States in the past are losing faith in us, and at the same time they are losing the ability to restrain the increasing militancy of young Arabs who are convinced that the U.S. plans to have a colonial presence in the Mideast.

The whole story is worth reading.

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