IT’S ONE OF THOSE ARI MOMENTS….Via BuzzFlash, here’s the video of Ari Fleischer’s White House briefing yesterday:

Ari is getting some questions about American vote buying in the Security Council, and at about the 30 minute mark he says:

You?re saying that the leaders of other nations are buyable, and that is not an acceptable proposition.

The whole press corps busts up laughing at that point and keeps laughing as Ari purses his lips and stalks out of the room. I wonder who writes his lines?

You know, we’ve already gotten to the point where the president himself never holds press conferences, and now the daily briefings are just jokes. I wonder how long before they just close down the press room in the White House entirely and skip the whole thing?

NOTE: The transcript of the briefing is here if you want to read the whole thing. No mention of raucous laughter from the press corps.

UPDATE: Apparently the transcript has been updated to indicate the laughter. Either that or I missed it the first time around.