ORANGE TINTED GLASSES….Mary Lynn F. Jones writes today at TAP Online about the government’s color coded alert system:

By maintaining the same high alert level for three straight weeks, the government has effectively boxed itself into a situation where we may be stuck at orange forever. As a result, it’s time to color the terror alert system useless, once and for all.

It seems likely that we will never go to green, or “low risk,” because after September 11, the government will never again be able to essentially guarantee that we’re free from the risk of an attack. Same goes for blue, or “guarded.” Government officials appear worried that if we return to yellow, or “elevated,” something bad will happen and they’ll get blamed for telling us to relax a bit….All of which is to say that we are now looking at spending the majority of our lives at orange.

Jeez, was that bad timing or what? Too bad there wasn’t some kind of editorial screwup that delayed her story for a day….