HANS BLIX CAN’T MAKE UP HIS MIND….OR CAN HE?….When I come down and park myself in front of the computer every morning, the first thing I do is a quick check on CNN. You know, to make sure that skyscrapers aren’t falling down and space shuttles aren’t disintegrating, that kind of thing.

Today I got the following two headlines one right on top of the other:

Well, which is it? It’s not like these are competing interpretations from two different newspapers, this is the same site at the exact same time, for God’s sake.

But I guess it’s not really their fault. The first story, filed at 4:11 am, says:

“The results in terms of disarmament have been very limited so far,” the draft report says. CNN obtained a draft copy of the report, which is due Saturday but will be distributed to council members Friday night.

….”The destruction of missiles requested has not yet begun. Iraq could have made full use of the declaration which was submitted on 7 December. It is hard to understand why a number of the measures which are now being taken, could not have been initiated earlier. If they had been taken earlier, they might have borne fruit by now,” Blix writes in the draft.

The second story, filed seven hours later, says:

Iraq is expected to begin the process of destroying its Al Samoud 2 missiles on Saturday, as demanded, U.N. chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said.

Iraq agreed in principle to destroy the missiles in a letter Baghdad sent to U.N. weapons inspectors Thursday, but said it does not know how to destroy the weapons and wanted a U.N. technical mission to discuss the details.

….”There are very many of these missiles and a lot of items that pertain to them, which we had enumerated in our letter,” Blix said. “It is a very significant piece of real disarmament.”

Iraq says it doesn’t know how to destroy the missiles? So how did it destroy all that other stuff they say has been destroyed? These guys aren’t any better at lying than George Bush is.

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