BILL FRIST, SUPERGENIUS….Jeanne d’Arc reports that Bill Frist is less intellectually honest than Wolf Blitzer. Why? Because he put up an online poll and then took it down when he didn’t like the results.

But it might actually be worse. (Hardly seems possible, I know, but bear with me.) Here’s the statement on Frist’s site:

Users are normally allowed only one vote in the poll, however, sometime yesterday, someone figured out how to vote several thousand times….The poll has temporarily been removed until a more secure method of operating web polls is in place.

So Frist put up an online poll and somehow didn’t realize that sometimes people, um, cheat on these things and figure out how to vote over and over? Wasn’t Frist supposed to be the dynamic, smart, young information age guy who would replace that old dinosaur Trent Lott? I’ll bet even Lott would have had the horse sense not to do something as stupid as post an unpredictable online poll at his website….