EUREKA!….I grew up in California, so I’m pretty used to the standard issue attacks on the Golden State: too laid back, too many crackpots, too liberal, too hedonistic, etc. etc. People have been saying that about us pretty much forever, and you know what? We keep doing pretty well, thankyouverymuch, and keep sending buckets of tax dollars back to the salt-of-the-earth Middle Americans who complain about us so much.

So when Lexington, the Economist’s American columnist, wrote yet another tired screed about how out of touch California is ? 9/11 proves it for sure this time! ? I shrugged it off. But not C.T. Carey, my compatriot from Sacramento:

What a flaming asshole. Lexington’s remarks are an excellent example of the sort of daft, ill-considered and deficit-braincell horse-exhaust that The Economist permits with increasing frequency in its pages. ?California has been out of the loop ever since the Clintons moved out of the White House?? If anything, the reverse is true. The rest of the nation has once again reverted to the mindless mindset of cold-war-style imperialism, now that George Bush and his gang of corporate sheep-dawgs are in charge of the most fearsome arsenal of weaponry ever known to humanity.

Oil? Important, yes, but not as important as the stupidly naive neo-conservative philosophy underpinning America’s recent aggressions. Lexington’s arrogance is breathtakingly sophomoric and insulting.

Thank God he’s not a member of Mr Bush’s cabinet; they have enough myopic, right-wing idiots as it is.

Take that, Lexington! You trifle with California at your peril.

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