ZIMBABWE….Thomas Nephew has a good post up about Robert Mugabe’s latest plans to silence the opposition in Zimbabwe. As he says, there isn’t that much that any of us can do about this, but we can let the government of Zimbabwe know that “the whole world is watching”:

To put this little action in the proper perspective: this may be just a thimbleful of prevention, and it’s almost certainly yet another case of too little, too late. If you send a message, it may get deleted or ignored. The MDC seems to be intent on a showdown with Mugabe, so violence is almost guaranteed next week. But it doesn’t seem utterly naive to hope that enough messages might help a bloody crackdown stop a little bit sooner.

Bottom line: if you send a message, you’ll probably never know just how ineffective it was. But you’ll know you’ve helped put Mugabe on notice that someone is watching.

Good idea. The last foreign journalist in Zimbabwe was kicked out last week, so this really is the the only way to send a message.

Here are the contacts for the Zimbabwean government if you want to send a message of your own:

Contact the Zimbabwe government:
Zimbabwe embassy to the US: web site, e-mail, contact web page.
Zimbabwe mission to the UN: Phone: (212) 980-9511/5084, Fax: (212) 308-6705
Zimbabwe embassy in Canada: web site, e-mail
Government of Zimbabwe: web site, contact web page.

Consider CC’ing these organizations:
US State Department, Human Rights: web site, contact web page
Human Rights Watch: web site, e-mail
UNHCHR: web site, e-mail

Here’s a handy-dandy multiple address e-mail link, modify as you wish, of course

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