Historic Matchups

HISTORIC MATCHUPS….Outside the Beltway links to a poll from Fox News saying that in a hypothetical presidential contest George W. Bush would defeat Bill Clinton 53% to 32%.

Why conduct such a silly survey? Because Clinton recently said he thought the 22nd Amendment should be repealed, so, you know, there’s a hook there of some kind. With that in mind, how about some other matchups?

  • If the “natural born” clause were repealed, how would Henry Kissinger do against George Bush?

  • If the age requirement were repealed, how would Chelsea Clinton do against George Bush? How about Jenna Bush?

  • If the requirement to be a citizen were repealed, how would Tony Blair do against George Bush?

  • If the requirement to be a human being were repealed, how would Shamu do against George Bush?

  • If the electoral college were abolished, how would Al Gore do against George Bush. Oops, I guess we already know that one.

Other suggestions are welcome.

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