THE MELTDOWN IN POSTWAR IRAQ….This analysis piece by UPI’s Derk Kinnane Roelofsma is a devastating indictment of the administration’s handling of postwar Iraq. Normally I’d excerpt a paragraph or two, but it’s not that long and you really have to read the whole thing to get the flavor. Both the strategic view of the neocons and the operational competence of the postwar planners are demolished with just a few well chosen quotes.

Tacitus is in the same boat, reluctantly concluding that the occupation is seriously fubared and wondering why the rest of the pro-war blogosphere isn’t more concerned that three months after official hostilities ended the occupation appears to be close to melting down. Personally, I find the reticence of the hawks understandable, but it’s also unfortunate since it’s the voice of conservatives that will have the most impact on a conservative administration.

A note to Tacitus: my original post about no longer supporting the Iraq war is here. My followup is here.

And a note to my conservative readers: Yes, this is what I eventually concluded was going to happen, and no, I don’t like George Bush. But regardless of that, I take no pleasure in what’s happening and urge all of you to join in pressing the Bush administration to start paying more attention. They should know in no uncertain terms that their core constituency will be seriously pissed off if they don’t change their tactics and start taking the occupation more seriously than they have so far.

I realize this is a naive sentiment, but this is a time when I’d like to see partisanship end at water’s edge and everyone join in supporting as much money and as much manpower as it takes to do the job right in Iraq. For liberals, this means ? on this specific issue ? supporting an administration we don’t like and refraining from pointless potshots. For conservatives, it means a willingness to consider a different approach to the occupation, one that involves the rest of the world as equals to be consulted, not willful children to be lectured and bullied.

Not much chance of this, I know….