“BRING ‘EM ON”….I’m so used to President Bush making dumb off the cuff remarks that I guess yesterday’s dumb off the cuff remark just didn’t bother me that much. In fact, I really only have two questions about the whole thing:

  • I watched the clip on TV and what Bush said about those guerrilla bad boys was, “Bring ’em on.” However, in some reports he was quoted as saying, “Bring them on.” Question: is it OK to correct his choice of words like that?

  • All right thinking Democrats, I’m sure, agree with Dick Gephardt’s weariness over Bush’s “phony, macho rhetoric.” Question: what does the rest of the country think? I’m genuinely curious to see if someone conducts a poll about the response to this, because I have a feeling that macho rhetoric goes over pretty well with an awful lot of people.

My own poll shows that the country is 100% disgusted with Bush’s remark, but my poll consisted of watching Marian’s reaction to the TV clip. So, you know, I’m hoping for something with a little less margin of error. Surely Fox News will do a poll about this, even if no one else does?

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