DEMOCRATIC FUNDRAISING….Daily KOS has the lastest fundraising estimates for the Democrats, and it’s nice to see it all in one place. There’s only one thing he forgot to do: add it all up.

The individual numbers look awfully bad when you compare them to George Bush’s easy fundraising romps recently, but the Democratic total for the quarter is a fairly healthy $30 million. There’s no question that Bush and the Republican are going to outspend the Democrats by a lot, but even so, $30 million 16 months before the election isn’t bad.

At this point, based on both the campaign trail and the fundraising numbers, I’m ready to join Brian Linse and declare that the serious field is now Kerry, Dean, and Edwards. Nobody else has a real chance.

UPDATE: By they way, does anyone know how that $30 million compares to the April-June time period in 1991? I don’t know where to look that up, and I’m curious.

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