DO NOT CALL….On Tuesday I hopped over to the website for the National Do-Not-Call Registry and registered my phone number. I normally get about half a dozen telemarketing calls a day, but yesterday I only got two and today I’ve only gotten one. Is this just a coincidence, or does the registry really work that fast? If it does, hooray for big government!

If you haven’t signed up yet, the website is here and it only takes a minute to register. Alternatively, you can call (888) 382-1222.

UPDATE: Hold on a second. After writing this post, I realized that I never got the confirming email you’re supposed to get, so I re-registered. Sure enough, this time I got an email about 30 seconds later, clicked the link, and confirmed the registration. My registration on Tuesday probably didn’t even take effect.

I guess that means “coincidence” is the leading candidate here….