TREASON….Via Tom Bevan at RealClear Politics ? who laments the generally hysterical tone of political commentary from both left and right these days ? I learn that even David Horowitz thinks Ann Coulter has flipped out. After listening to her dodge Chris Matthews when he asked her if John F. Kennedy committed treason, he says:

This exchange made me extremely uncomfortable. When somebody as smart and as gutsy as Ann Coulter equivocates over so direct a question ? Was Jack Kennedy a traitor? — you know (and they know) ? that something is very wrong with the position they are defending.

….Why is she equivocating about Jack Kennedy anway? Kennedy was not only not a traitor, he was not even a weak anti-Communist, as she claims. He was arguably stronger than Eisenhower or Nixon in prosecuting the Cold War.

Actually, though, it’s too bad to see that even conservatives are attacking Coulter since it means she’ll probably have to tone down her next book. I was looking forward to the third volume in her series in which we learn that Democrats from FDR forward have all been secret child molesters. Now I’ll never get to read it.

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