SHUT UP!….Brad DeLong says:

[My] children routinely use the “mute” button on the remote to silence TV commercials, for no reason other than that they are annoying.

If they are representative of the younger generation, the effectiveness of TV advertising is about to take a *big* dive.

I dunno about that. My grandmother, who was born on a farm in Colorado in 1897, used to have a cord that plugged into the earphone jack of her TV, and it had a switch on the other end that you could use to turn the sound on and off. She always muted the commercials, and this was back in 1965. At the time, we grandkids thought this was some kind of peculiar old-person habit, like playing canasta and reading Reader’s Digest.

So maybe Brad’s kids are just into some kind of retro thing. Beside, Tivo is going to make this all obsolete anyway, isn’t it?

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