WHAT DID YOU DO DURING THE WAR, DADDY?….Mark Kleiman reviews the bad news coming out of Iraq and says:

For now, I’m holding on to my view that war was the least bad option, but I have to admit I’m now holding on by my fingernails. A year from now, I may well remember having been against the whole business from its inception.

I have a feeling he might not be alone.

The real shame is that it’s possible ? not a certainty, by any means, but possible ? that if the president had been someone more patient, more open to accepting facts at odds with his worldview, and more willing to insist on realistic plans and straight talk from his subordinates, that an invasion of Iraq would have worked out for the best.

Instead we got George Bush, a man who considers his eighth grade history class to be all he needs to know about how the world works. Sigh.

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