CLUTTERERS ANONYMOUS?….Just great. The LA Times finally writes a story about someone named Drum and it turns out to be a guy who was almost sent to jail because his house was too full of crap. Sheesh.

And in other California news the Fish and Game Commission has banned the sale of fish that are genetically engineered to glow in the dark. Were they concerned about danger to the environment? Killer plagues? No:

“For me, it becomes a question of values,” said Commissioner Sam Schuchat. “Under what circumstances do we want to monkey around with the genome of an organism? It seems OK to me to do it for medical research or, say, to create an improved type of rice that has Vitamin A. But to do it for a pet seems rather frivolous.”

Of course it’s frivolous. Half the GDP of America goes to frivolous purchases ? and the proportion is probably higher here in paradise. If the state of California starts banning things because they’re frivolous, we’re all in very big trouble indeed.