THE TENTH CANDIDATE….Brian Montopoli on hearing Lyndon LaRouche on TV last night:

I felt like I was listening to Grandpa Simpson, only with more historical references. It was kind of a disappointment, actually, though–I was expecting a little more charisma, perhaps a crazy new laser based mail system or maybe something involving aliens and a secret handshake. I mean, LaRouche was strange, don’t get me wrong. The magnetic levitation thing was great. I was just hoping he’d go a little further over the edge.

By an odd chance, a good friend of mine has two sisters who have worked for LaRouche for about 20 years, so I periodically hear all kinds of stories about the LaRouche organization. One of the oddest is that he doesn’t confine himself to politics and current events, but also has firm opinions on cultural and artistic matters. If you’re a dedicated LaRouchie there are certain composers you’re supposed to like, certain artists, certain colors, certain nationalities, etc. I suppose it’s not much different from any other nutball cult, but it’s definitely entertaining.

And don’t forget about Queen Elizabeth and the cocaine trade….

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