FRITOS ARE GOOD FOR YOU!….Somebody left a link to this in comments, and the chutzpah was so magnificent that I felt like I had to share it: Frito-Lay has taken the USDA’s famous food pyramid and replaced the “Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta” group with logos of tasty, carbo-loaded Frito-Lay snacks. Why, you’d almost think this stuff was good for you!

And apparently it is:

If you make the decision to use the Food Guide Pyramid as an aid in making the best food choices, you will discover you have the freedom to consume 6-11 servings of grain products daily. This makes it easy to fit many Frito-Lay snacks into your diet. Frito-Lay is proud to help you meet your nutrition goals by offering a variety of snacks that are not only great-tasting, but are 3 grams of fat or less per serving. So, forget the guilt and make Frito-Lay a part of your healthy diet today!

This all comes from the Frito-Lay Nutrition Center (“We are making a healthy diet so much fun!”), which seems like an oxymoron but apparently isn’t. In fact, it contains advice on how Frito-Lay goodies can be part of a weight-loss plan, tackles some commonly asked questions (“Does Frito-Lay irradiate any of its products?”), and busts some common myths about dietary fat.

I sure feel better now. Isn’t America great?

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