al-Hayat alleges that a Parisian television channel aired new footage Tuesday night from Iraq of American troops who fire on three men that do not obviously pose any danger to them. The provider, a European who had worked in Iraq, said he had smuggled the cassette out of Iraq.

A reader emails to say that the video, which isn’t actually new, is getting big airplay in Canada too. It’s about one minute long and you can watch it here.

I honestly can’t tell what’s really going on. It’s night footage from an American Apache helicopter and shows the Apache crew killing three Iraqis who, indeed, “do not obviously pose any danger to them.” However, this doesn’t mean these people didn’t pose any danger to them. There’s no way to tell just from this footage

However, at the end of the video one man crawls out from under a truck and someone on the Apache crew says, “Roger, he’s wounded, hit him,” and the wounded man is then killed in a blaze of gunfire. Are helicopter crews supposed to kill obviously wounded targets, or are they supposed to attempt to capture them? Or does it depend?

Anyone with military experience care to watch the video and chime in on this?