RED CROSS REPORT ON ABU GHRAIB….From the Wall Street Journal:

Even before the war in Iraq ended a year ago, and well before U.S. officials have generally acknowledged it, the [International Committee of the] Red Cross began periodically lodging complaints about the treatment of Iraqi prisoners in allied custody, according to a confidential report by the organization.

….A meeting with the [ICRC] political adviser to the senior British commander in Qatar appears to have brought quick results. It “had the immediate effect [of stopping] the systematic use of hoods and flexi-cuffs in the interrogation section of Umm Qasr,” according to the ICRC report, which details the results of its inspections in Iraq.

But during the next year, the ICRC encountered far more resistance when it raised concerns about the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, especially those in the custody of military intelligence, the report says. The U.S. military was sometimes slow to respond to Red Cross complaints and ignored them in a few cases.

The full Red Cross report is here (warning: large PDF file), and I’ve snipped out a few excerpts below. This does not look like merely a few rogue soldiers acting on their own, does it?