HIDING THE TRUTH….Here are three reasons why (a) the Abu Ghraib pictures should not have been shown to the public and (b) new ones should also not be shown to the public:

  1. Jonah Goldberg pretends to be concerned for the Iraqis: “If the media is even remotely correct in how they’re reporting the impact of these stories and of these pictures, then the damage being done in terms in lives of American soldier, in terms of the future prospects of 26 million Iraqis far outweighs the ratings points or the Sturm und Drang and moral righteousness we’re hearing from Capitol Hill and from the media.”

  2. Fred Barnes pretends to be concerned that showing pictures of POWs violates the Geneva Conventions.

  3. Dick Cheney pretends to be concerned it might endanger prosecutions of the guilty and falsely malign the innocent: “We wouldn’t want, as a result of the release of pictures, … to allow guilty parties off the hook. By the same token, you don’t want to see innocent people inappropriately maligned by virtue of the release of photographs. I’d say there are a lot of equities involved here besides just satisfying the desires of the press that want to have more pictures to print.”

What’s next? It gives digital cameras a bad rep? It’s bad for the S&M industry?

This is the most pathetic set of bogus excuses I’ve seen in a long time. Is this really the best they can do?

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