RUSH LIMBAUGH….David Brock’s new organization, Media Matters, has decided to air an ad denouncing Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments about the Abu Ghraib scandal:

This is no different than what happens at the Skull & Bones initiation….I’m talking about people having a good time. These people ? you ever heard of emotional release? You ever heard of needing to blow some steam off?

You can view the ad here.

This is a terrific use of Brock’s $2 million. Whenever Limbaugh goes outside the little cocoon of his radio show the vast majority of Americans are disgusted by his antics ? it’s happened on Letterman, on ESPN, even on his own TV show. Just exposing his words to a wider audience without any real comment at all is probably the best possible way of undermining his influence.

Media Matters also has transcripts of Limbaugh’s shows on its website. That’s another good use of their money, although it would be even better if it were done in ordinary, linkable HTML….

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