CLANCY ON WOLFOWITZ….From Juan Cole, who was watching Deborah Norville’s segment with Anthony Zinni and Tom Clancy last night:

Deborah Norville: What’s your impression of Paul Wolfowitz?

Tom Clancy: Is he working for our side?

As they say, ouch.

UPDATE: Here’s the transcript:

NORVILLE: And Paul Wolfowitz.

CLANCY: Is he really on our side?

NORVILLE: You genuinely ask that question? Is he on our side?

CLANCY: I sat in on ? I was in the Pentagon in ?01 for a red team operation and he came in and briefed us. And after the brief, I just thought, is he really on our side? Sorry.

Very peculiar. I really don’t know what he meant by that and Norville didn’t follow up.

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