ESTATE TAXES….Matt Yglesias spent his high school years at the rather tony Dalton School (before spending his college years at the rather tony Harvard University). Last night he went to his five-year high school reunion and has this to say:

One further observation would simply be that talking to a room full of Dalton alumni is pretty much the best case that can be made for the estate tax.

On a more serious note….

Actually, this is about the most serious argument imaginable about the estate tax. For those who didn’t attend, a little imagination should tell you why an evening spent with callow 20-something heirs to great wealth ought to convince you that far from being eliminated, the estate tax ought to be increased to, oh, approximately 100%. Let ’em earn their own way.

UPDATE: And not that I have anything against Sacagawea or anything, but Matt’s suggestion that we put Reagan on a new dollar coin has some merit too ? although this is a case where an unserious suggestion probably really is unserious. Aren’t an airport, an aircraft carrier, and an international trade center enough?