I, ROBOT….Last night I saw I, Robot after all, and it turned out to be a pretty decent shoot-em-up. Sort of Robots and Empire meets Man Plus ? which I’m pretty sure isn’t a spoiler even if you’ve read both books.

And how about that Will Smith, huh? He sure is buff for a guy who seems to subsist mostly on eating entire pies for breakfast.

Spoiler below.

OK, why do I think the movie is Robots and Empire meets Man Plus? Because Robots and Empire revolves around the Zeroth Law of Robotics, which places the welfare of humanity above the welfare of any single human being. This is exactly what VIKI does in the movie. And Man Plus because in that book it turns out that it’s a machine intelligence that’s been behind everything that happened, just as VIKI turns out to be behind the events of I, Robot.

VIKI sure is incompetent, though, isn’t she? Sheesh.