Notes From the Floor

NOTES FROM THE FLOOR….In no particular order, here are some random Convention observations:

Michael Moore groupies are still everywhere, blocking every escalator, hallway, or entrance the man approaches and moving with him, sort of like the cloud of dust that surrounds Pigpen at all times. He’s “edgy” and that qualifies as cool here.

Also qualifying as cool, in an odd twist, are conservative commentators, who project a “we’re just here because it’s our job” air that apparently puts them above getting excited about the various political celebrities milling about. They seem to travel in packs — it’s possible that Bill Kristol, David Brooks, and Fred Barnes have formed a gang — although Jonah Goldberg was all on his defenseless lonesome next to me in line for food in the media tent (which, I feel obligated to point out, is significantly smaller than the media convention center we enjoyed in LA four years ago.)

I spotted Gray Davis wandering around the third floor of the Fleet Center this evening without any noticeable entourage and without being stopped by gawkers. Oh cruel, cruel world of fickle political celebrity.