POLICY….Paul Krugman complains today that TV news flatly refuses to cover the actual policy proposals of the candidates for president:

I’ve been reading 60 days’ worth of transcripts from the places four out of five Americans cite as where they usually get their news: the major cable and broadcast TV networks. Never mind the details ? I couldn’t even find a clear statement that Mr. Kerry wants to roll back recent high-income tax cuts and use the money to cover most of the uninsured. When reports mentioned the Kerry plan at all, it was usually horse race analysis ? how it’s playing, not what’s in it.

Here’s a tip for the television newshounds: read Bradford Plumer’s short-but-sweet blog post at Mother Jones explaining a few of John Kerry’s most important policy proposals ? including one of my personal favorites, his proposal to have the feds insure catastrophic illness. (Which, oddly enough, got no play in his speech last night and is buried three links deep on his website. Go figure.)

It’s a good read. Check it out.