Was He Watching Tonight?….Just minutes after this evening’s proceedings ended, after listening to two major speeches that–whatever you think of them–provided a lot to talk about, Tim Russert proceeded to use half of his time with guest Hillary Clinton badgering her about whether or not she plans to run in 2008. “But if John Kerry loses in November,” he pressed, “doesn’t that set up a run for you in 2008?” Oh, for goodness sake. It’s long past time someone realized that the only people who talk about Hillary in ’08 are conservatives and media types who spend too much time listening to conservatives. As the only New York politician who rivals Rudy Giuliani for star power, Clinton had some criticisms of the Convention worth hearing. But you would hardly have known it to listen to America’s “top interviewer.”

Update: It’s highly possible that what I saw was a repeat of Russert’s Sunday night interview with Senator Clinton. Come to think of it, the Garden did seem to have emptied out awfully quickly… Setting aside my temporary brain lapse, my general criticism of Russert still stands. He’s becoming more a parody of himself than Darrell Hammond’s impersonation of him.

Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan is a Chicago-based journalist who has written about religion, politics, and culture as a senior editor for Time, National Journal, and Yahoo. She was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 2004 to 2006.