BILL BURKETT….One of the hot rumors at the moment is that a former Texas guardsman named Bill Burkett is the source of the Killian memos that Dan Rather aired on 60 Minutes last week ? although neither Burkett nor Burkett’s lawyer will confirm this. Burkett is a retired Lt. Colonel with the Texas Air National Guard who has claimed for years that damaging documents were purged from George Bush’s National Guard files in 1997.

Since his name is in the news, I thought it might be worth linking to several posts about Burkett that I did at my old site back in February:

  • February 11: My first post about Burkett, in which I express some initial doubts about his story.

  • February 12: An extended interview with Burkett in which he tells his entire story in considerable detail.

  • February 15: A long summarizing post about Burkett’s claims, including interviews with two men that Burkett says can verify his story (Harvey Gough and George Conn). My bottom line at the time: “I provisionally think the evidence supports Burkett.” I still do.

I’ve tried several times to call Burkett in the past couple of days, but he hasn’t picked up the phone or returned my calls ? so I don’t have any inside information on whether he’s involved with the Killian memos. Still, who knows? This old material might be relevant again.

If you want more, just search my old site for “Burkett” and you’ll get every post I ever wrote about the guy.

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