A QUESTION FOR FOX NEWS….If you haven’t been following the Carl Cameron “cuticle” story, head over to Josh Marshall’s site to catch up. Start here and then scroll up.

Long story short, FoxNews political correspondent Carl Cameron, who’s been covering the Kerry campaign, filed a bogus story on Friday with made-up Kerry quotes like “Didn’t my nails and cuticles look great? What a good debate!” It was a laugh riot.

Fox now says Cameron has been reprimanded and is “moving on.” And I’m willing to move on too. But before we do, I wonder if Fox could tell us just how this story ended up getting posted on their website?

Reporters don’t post their own stories, after all. First they go to an editor ? this isn’t the blogosphere, folks! ? and then, presumably, to the copy desk, from whence they get posted.

So who were the editors who greenlighted this story? It’s one thing for a reporter to have some private fun, but at a minimum three or four people must have seen this story and decided to pass it along before finally posting it. Who were they? And why didn’t any of them stop it?

Josh has a few other questions too.

UPDATE: More Fox News fun here.