POLL UPDATE….Campaign polling has been so weird this year that it’s hard to know which polls to trust. However, trends are a little easier to pick out: just take a look at the same poll over a period of time. Even if the poll methodology is biased in favor of either Bush or Kerry, the bias should mostly wash out when you look only at the differences from one week to the next.

So how is John Kerry doing after Thursday’s debate? According to Newsweek, in a 3-way race he was behind Bush 52%-41% after the Republican convention. Today, he’s ahead 47%-45%.

Regardless of whether there’s any bias in the absolute numbers, this means that Kerry has made up 13 points on Bush in the past four weeks. Even taking into account the statistical margin of error, Kerry has clearly made up a lot of ground.

Something tells me that Bush is going to be mighty nervous going into next Friday’s rematch. He really needs a good performance.