WMD HUNT: CASE CLOSED….After David Kay came home from Iraq and announced that Saddam Hussein didn’t have any WMD and probably never did, the White House said the case wasn’t closed yet. Kay was replaced by Charles Duelfer, who continued the WMD hunt.

So what does Duelfer have to say after spending an additional nine months searching for WMD?

The government’s most definitive account of Iraq’s arms programs, to be released today, will show that Saddam Hussein posed a diminishing threat at the time the United States invaded and did not possess, or have concrete plans to develop, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, U.S. officials said yesterday.

The officials said that the 1,000-page report by Charles A. Duelfer, the chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq, concluded that Hussein had the desire but not the means to produce unconventional weapons that could threaten his neighbors or the West.

No weapons. No plans. A diminishing threat.

Not a “grave and gathering” threat, a diminishing threat. I know this won’t convince Dick Cheney, but for the rest of us I think the case is now officially closed.