WHAT’S NEXT….Lots of email and blog posts today tinged with deep despair. “What are we going to do now?”

Well, I don’t know. The lefties will say we need to stop trying to be Republican Lites, the DNCers will say we need to move to the center, the New Republic will say we need to get serious about national security, Amy Sullivan will say we need to pay more attention to religion, George Lakoff will say we need better issue framing, the Washington Monthly editors will say we need a more potent vision, etc. etc. I’m not sure who’s right, but we’ll figure it out.

But one thing not to do is hide under the blankets and give up. We lost an election, that’s all. There will be another one in a few years, and if we persuade a few more people that we’re right, we’ll win it. Tomorrow would be a good day to start doing that persuading.

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