DIAGNOSIS… There’s a lot of speculation out there that the Democrats’ loss this week will spark a vicious new civil war between the party’s left and center. While that could happen, so far I see no clear signs. Quite the opposite, in fact. Looking at the exit polls, progressives are suddenly talking about how they need to “frame” their ideas in the language of faith and morality. New Democrats, meanwhile, are no longer claiming that they have all the answers. Indeed, the DLC has written the most humble, honest, and persuasive assessment of what went wrong for Democrats and what to do next that I’ve come across so far. I’d be curious to see what some off our anti-DLC readers think about the piece. My guess is they won’t find much to disagree with.

Paul Glastris

Paul Glastris is the editor in chief of the Washington Monthly. A former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, he is writing a book on America’s involvement in the Greek War of Independence.