making it official

MAKING IT OFFICIAL….Newsweek reports that chief White House speechwriter Michael Gerson (who is moving on to advise Bush on policy) is expected to be replaced by Wall Street Journal editorial-page writer William McGurn. [Insert “And that’s different from what he’s been doing, how?” joke here.]

I’m not aware of any policy expertise that Gerson has–this is completely speculative on my part, but I wonder if he’ll simply be a general advisor or step in to work on faith-based policy in particular, given his background as a theology major at the evangelical Wheaton College. Since the initiative has, up to this point, been just a political outreach tool, this could signal a change in White House policy. Or not.

I will say this for Gerson: During the 1990s, whenever I heard Clinton utter a particularly good turn-of-phrase, I’d think, “Wow, he’s just so good with words.” Over the past few years, when I’ve heard Bush speak eloquently, I’ve thought, “Wow, that’s a well-written speech.”