ELECTIONS IN IRAQ….The voting in Iraq seems to have gone pretty well. As expected, there were some attacks, but not many more than on a normal day. Also as expected, turnout was high among Kurds and Shiites, but lower in Sunni areas.

So how is the press treating it? I’m watching CNN right now and they seem pretty enthusiastic. The New York Times says there was a “party atmosphere” on the streets of Baghdad. The Washington Post reports that the election “yielded higher turnout than expected and less violence than feared.” The LA Times observes that election day attacks “failed to create the turmoil that some feared.”

That seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? The war zealots in the blogosphere seemed to spend most of the runup to the election desperately trying to preempt potential bad news, but guess what? It turns out the press reports whatever’s going on, both good and bad. Go figure.

UPDATE: I’ve now watched about an hour of CNN’s coverage, and they’re just gushing. But I thought the MSM hated freedom?

UPDATE 2: On the other hand, commenter Canucklehead notes that turnout is way down from Saddam’s 99%. I have a feeling there’s practically no one left in the blogosphere who retains a sense of humor about this, but I thought it was funny…..

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