STATE OF THE UNION 2005 LIVEBLOGGING….I wasn’t planning to liveblog the State of the Union address this year, but what the hell. I can’t help myself.

Wrapup: The domestic half of the speech seemed fairly pedestrian and flat. The foreign affairs half was often soaring and beautiful. Overall a decent speech, although I doubt he changed many minds about Social Security privatization.

A full transcript of the speech is here.

10:02 ? Another FDR reference?

9:55 ? You know, you’d hardly even know that the only reason we just had elections in Iraq was because of a UN-brokered deal with the country’s most prominent cleric ? opposed by the Bush administration for over a year until they were finally forced to give in and agree to it.

9:51 ? The whole foreign policy part of the speech has been pretty good so far. I could almost learn to like Bush if my only contact with him came from listening to his speeches about freedom and democracy.

9:47 ? Egypt? Democracy?

9:45 ? That was a good bit about the difference between us and the terrorists.

9:42 ? Goodness, what a multilateralist President Bush is….

9:38 ? “Freedom from fear”? Yet another FDR reference?

9:37 ? There’s always lots of applause during SOTUs, but are there always this many standing ovations? I don’t really remember from previous years.

9:36 ? “Taking on gang life”? Laura’s going to head that up?

9:34 ? “Every judicial nominee deserves an up or down vote.” I think that’s gotten the biggest standing O yet from the Republican side of the aisle.

9:32 ? No gay marriage. Culture of life. I guess this is the “pandering to the Christian right” part of the speech.

9:29 ? The Democratic side of the aisle sure wasn’t very enthusiastic about private accounts.

9:24 ? Hmmm, the crisis now starts in 2018, not 2042. In 2027, the government will “somehow” have to come up with $200 billion. Sounds like GWB isn’t sure the feds should really be responsible for honoring the trust fund.

9:22 ? Social Security was “a great moral success of the 20th century.” Now he’s the second coming of FDR.

9:18 ? “Environmentally responsible energy”? Man, you’d think Bush was the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

9:15 ? Hmmm, he’s talking about increasing Pell Grants again. Didn’t he promise that last year too?

9:12 ? Yep, it’s all about the kids.

9:04 ? Can we get on with things already? Enough with the gladhanding.

9:00 ? OK, OK, I’ll listen to the speech anyway. Maybe someone will spill their glass of water or something.

8:59 ? Heck, why bother with listening to the speech at all? The major newspapers have already written their stories, and apparently it’s all about the kids this year. From excerpts provided to AP: “Let us do what Americans have always done, and build a better world for our children and grandchildren….Our second great responsibility to our children and grandchildren….Our third responsibility to future generations…” And what is it that our children want? Social Security reform, moral values, and a bigger military.