KINSLEY vs. ESTRICH….Maybe Michael Kinsley is bad at returning phone calls and replying to email. Maybe he’s a jerk. I don’t know. I’ve never met the guy. What’s more, Susan Estrich certainly has a point that the LA Times op-ed page doesn’t have very many female voices ? something I suspect they have in common with most other high-powered op-ed pages.

Still, enough’s enough. Here’s the latest email from Estrich in their ongoing war being carried out in the editorial pages of the new DC Examiner:

Far from being “pissed off,” I believe I have conducted myself with admirable restraint because of our past relationship and my honest concerns for your health.

….My suggestion that your publishing [my letter] would be better (for you too) than my having to go outside somehow constitutes me blackmailing you is so outlandish that it underscores the question I’ve been asked repeatedly in recent days, and that does worry me, and should worry you: people are beginning to think that your illness may have affected your brain, your judgment, and your ability to do this job.

Nice. Michael Kinsley, of course, suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

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